The Casino

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The Casino

It was date night , my wife and I had had a long month so we decided to spend the night in the casino hotel to just unplug. My wife and I are both early 40?s , she is 5?6 good curves dd breast and beautiful ass and legs. I will give my wife anything she wants ?trophy wife? .

We got to the casino hotel and checked in , hauled our bags up to our riverfront view room and checked out the view for a minute. My wife went in the bathroom to check her make up before we went down for dinner. It had been a long stressful month and I decided to start off our night out with a bang. While she was in the bathroom I stripped naked and decided to go attack her before we headed out. She was wearing a short dress so I knew she wasn?t wearing any panties. I went in the bathroom behind her and reached around her and cupped her full breasts while kissing her neck. She was a little surprised but leaned her head back towards my shoulder as I continued to kiss her neck and massage her breasts. As I continued to kiss her I neck I moved one hand down her body , lifted her dress and started to massage her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy slowly but firmly.

She started to softly moan and turned her head to kiss me as I continued massaging her breast and pussy. It didn?t take long before her pussy was wet and I started working on her lil love button. She started moaning louder and thrusting her hips into my hand , grinding her pussy harder against my hand. Her excitement caused my cock to jump to attention. My cock was throbbing hard as a rock. A few more minutes and she thrust her hips towards me one last time and yelled into my ear , oh my god I?m cumming!!!!!! My fingers were drenched from her juices. It was so hot watching her body in the mirror of the bathroom as she came I had to have her. I told her ? My turn now?.

I kissed her once more on her neck and pushed her forward , bending her over the counter. I lifted the back of her dress up and lined my cock up with the entrance of her cum soaked pussy. I slowly pushed just the head of my cock into her. As she felt me enter her she let out a sigh. Then I smacked her ass hard and shoved my cock all the way into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy in one stroke. She let out a ?oh fuck? as I did. I reached up and grabbed a handful of hair and just started pounding her pussy fast. Watching her cum a moment ago had driven me mad . She held on to the counter as my assault on her pussy continued. I slowed down after a few minutes and pulled my cock out so just the head of my cock was still in her pussy and took slow short strokes to the the head of my cock rub her sensitive spot , this drove her /crazy/">crazy , she kept repeating over and over ? oh my god I?m going to cum again?. When she was getting close I swiftly rammed my cock deep into her and started taking long deep fast strokes.

She started slamming her hips back into me harder. She no longer had words, she was mumbling something then finally she came again soaking my cock. Her body shock as she came. I pulled my cock from her drenched pussy and turned her around. I reached around her and lifted her up By her ass cheeks and set her down onto the counter. I raised her legs onto my shoulders and pushed my cock easily into her soaking pussy. I entered her and started a steady passing fucking her pussy. My balls are slapping her ass as I continue pounding into hot wife. It was all to much and with one last stroke I buried my cock beep into her and shot bursts of cum deep into her belly. It felt like I hadn?t came in months. As I finished . I pulled my wife to me and kissed her deeply. Sweat was coming down my chest. As I pulled my cock from her used pussy you could see the cum leaking from her pussy.

I help her off the counter , kissed her again as asked? Are you ready for dinner?. She giggled and said ? I think I need a minute?

We both cleaned up and finally went down to dinner . It was a nice dinner not having to rush and could have a conversation. It?s fun people watching , pointing out hot ladies and teasing each other. After dinner we decided to go into the casino and play a few slots. We picked a slot and said down , started to play the same slot together for quite a while. Talking and enjoying the evening. She noticed one lady sitting a couple slots away and we talked about how hot she was. I made a joke and said ? You two would be pretty hot naked in the hot tub together. We both laughed and played some more. Our slot machine wasn?t doing anything so we decided to move machines. We looked around and I found one I wanted to try, she said she was gonna look for one for her and told me what area she would be in. I started to play and time had passed on. Got a text from her after a while that said she was winning a lil. After a couple hours I decided I was done and wanted to grab my wife and head to our room. I teat her but she didn?t answer , I figured she wasn?t paying attention and was just busy playing her game. So I searched around the casino to try and find her. I searched for quite some time and didn?t see her anywhere. I was a lil worried after a while so decided to go check in our room to see if she just got tired and went upstairs.

I got to the door of our room and as I opened the door I heard my wife , what a relief as I was a lil worried she never usually heads back to our room without telling me. As I am coming down the hall I say honey I?ve been looking for you . I hear her say ?Oh Shit? . I get to our bedroom and see my wife naked in the hot tub of our room with the woman we saw in the casino. I was caught off guard as we had never done or talked about actually doing something like this. I said ?What the hell? ? This woman was also in the hot tub with my wife. She was hot , mid thirties curvy nice size breasts and long dark hair.

My wife started explaining that she was playing a slot and molly sat down next to her and they started talking. She said I told Molly you had said how hot it would be for us two to be and in a hot tub together. After we talked for a while I didn?t think you would mind her and I coming up to the room and hopping in. Molly told me she had always had a thing for wanting to play with another woman. Take your clothes off and hop in with us. Still shocked , I did as my wife said and jump in the tub. As I got in my wife stroked my cock and said ? I?m gonna have this again in a bit , he already pounded me once tonight before we came down to the casino ? Molly giggled and said I want to watch. I?m trying to hold in my excitement as I watch the ladies talking. They are getting handy with each other in the tub. Then my wife looked at me and I just nodded my head, she turned to Molly and kissed her lightly , she paused for a moment to see Molly?s reaction. Molly leaned in and kissed my wife more passionately. They continued to make out in front of me for a lil while when my wife pulled away and asked Molly ? Do you want to get more comfortable and move to the bed. The look on Molly?s face said everything. As my wife grabbed Molly?s hand she said to me you enjoy the tub while We get to know each other.

I noticed their bodies as they climbed out of the hot tub. They were both shaved completely and their bodies wet from the water. Molly layed down next to my wife and they were feeling each other bodies while kissing wildly . Molly was the first to move down my wife?s body kissing her neck then moving her way to her breasts. Molly was licking and sucking on my wife?s breasts, my wife?s face said it all , loving the attention. After Molly had my wife?s nipples standing straight out she kissed across my wife?s belly down to her /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy. She softly ran her tongue across my wife?s pussy lips. As she did my wife just gasp. This was the /first-time/">first time my wife has been with a woman. I was porn videos download watching my wife and Molly and it totally had me rock solid. After a few minutes my wife pulled Molly up and kissed her , tasting herself on Molly?s lips. Molly sat up a little so my wife could suck on her nipples. My wife got into it and licked and sucks on both her breasts back and forth . She pulled her lips from Molly?s breasts and whispered into her ear.

Molly layed down next to my wife and my wife got up and straddled Molly?s face slowing lowing her /sweet/">sweet pussy onto Molly?s face. Molly immediately started eating my wife?s pussy. My wife leaned over and was kissing around Molly?s pussy. You can see my wife is hesitant as she had never went down on another woman. Molly now has a hand on both of my wife?s ass cheeks pulling my wife?s pussy down onto her face harder. My wife finally started to work away on Molly?s bare pussy . Both women were now moaning and grinding their pussys onto each other?s mouths and tongues. I feel like I could explode watching this. I got out of the tub and moved closer to the bed to have a better view of what they were doing to each other. After about ten minutes I could tell Molly was close , she started yelling suck my clit , ooh yea , oh my god. Her legs started shaking as my wife kept licking Molly?s clit and /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking her pussy. My wife had this animal lust in her I had never seen before now. Right after Molly came, my wife sat up onto Molly?s face , arched her back and pinched her own nipples. She came all over Molly?s face and collapsed beside her. She crawled up to Molly and they shared a long kiss.

I finally spoke up after a few minutes and said ? honey I hope you don?t think your done.? My wife looked at me with a satisfied look on her face and said ? oh no, I still need your cock in me? She rolled over and got onto her hands and knees pointing her ass towards me and looked at me and said? fuck me hard honey? ?wear this pussy out.? Molly had a grin and I moved in behind my wife. I bent over and tasted my wife?s sweet juices. She was so wet and excited. My wife turned her head and said ? Fuck my pussy good, I?m gonna make Molly clean me when your done? Molly had a big smile now. So I stand up and feed my cock into my wife?s slippery folds of her pussy and start slowly fucking her while she is kissing Molly.

My wife?s attitude changed a bit and started to get commanding. She started giving orders to us telling me. Telling me to Fuck her harder . Then she told Molly ? Give me that pussy while he fucks me. ? This was a total turn on to me and Molly too . Molly slid up on the bed and offered up her pussy to my wife. I am slamming my cock into my wife?s pussy hard and she has her face now buried into Molly?s . She is moaning into Molly?s wet pussy, Molly is pinching and rubbing her own nipples. My wife raises up her head from Molly?s pussy and says ?Yes fuck my pussy? and then smacks Molly?s pussy. Molly shuttered when my wife did that , she didn?t expect it but it excited her more. My wife buried her head between Molly?s legs. After another few minutes of my wife licking and smacking her clit Molly came . Molly was screaming out as she came this time.

My wife licked up the last of Molly?s juices, raised her head and said ? Flip me over honey and fuck me.? I did as she said , she layed on her back as I slid my cock into her warm wet pussy my wife Said? Molly get down there and suck my clit as he fucks me? Molly did as she was told and was licking my wife?s clit as my cock slid in and out of her pussy. My wife reached over and was massaging Molly?s pussy and every so often smacking her ass. With all the attention she was getting with my cock pounding her pussy and Molly sucking her clit my wife?s body was jerking and she started to arch her back and she started yelling ?I?m cumming I?m cumming? and my wife came harder than I have seen. Her body was shaking and she was soaking the bed. My wife squirted for the first time. Seeing that drove me crazy and I grabbed my wife?s legs together and pushed them up towards her head farther and just started pile driving my cock hard into her pussy.

Molly sat back and played with my wife?s breasts as she was me pound my wife as hard as I could. My wife is taking the assault on her pussy and with every stroke in she was yelling out ?Oh yea? After about five minutes of hard pounding I couldn?t take it and unloaded a huge load into her pussy with one last hard stroke. I slowly lowered my wife?s legs back down and slid my cock out of her now gaping pussy. Cum started to flow slowly out. My wife told Molly. ? Clean up my pussy and make me cum again. ? Molly kneeled down in front of my wife?s well used pussy. As she started to slowly lick my cum from her pussy , my wife jumped with every touch of her tongue. Her well fucked pussy was so sensitive from all the attention the slightest touch made her squirm and moan. I moved over towards my wife?s face and offered my cock. She turned her heard and massaged my cock with the mouth and tongue, licking our cum from my cock. .molly was in heaven buried between my wife?s legs .

My wife revived my cock to its previous rock hard state and she continued to slowly work her magic on my cock as I started to fuck her throat. Her moaning caused vibrations in my cock that made the cum start to boil in my balls as she massaged them in her hands. Molly was working away still in my wife?s pussy as she stretched her arms up my wife?s body and began to roll her nipples between her fingers and pull on them softly making my wife moan harder and louder against my cock. Molly finally received her prize as my wife came in her mouth again just drenching her face with her juices. My wife started bobbing her head faster on my /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock almost screaming with my cock in her mouth.

This pushed me over the edge and I pulled my cock from her throat. She knew I was about to cum and told me ? Shoot it on Molly?s face baby? Molly perked up as she heard my wife say this and quickly kneeled in front of me as I started stroking my cock faster. Finally I let it go , shooting in her mouth and across her face. The last shot went across her breasts. I was spent , Molly swallowed what she could and leaned over to my wife and they shared my load. My wife licked the cum off Molly?s chest , then they shared a long kiss as Molly climbed in bed next to my wife. They both laid there just slowly running their hands on each other with a look of content. I turned out the lights and laid on the other side of my wife and we fell asleep.

Then next morning I started waking up and I layed there thinking about what had happened the night before. Thinking this can?t be real. As I open my eyes I am alone in bed. I look around and don?t see my wife or Molly. I hear the water and figure my wife is in the shower. I thought to myself I must have just dreamt the whole thing. The hotel room had a large glass shower,, so I decided to join my wife. I get out of bed and get into the bathroom and it is steamed up .i open the shower door and realize last night wasn?t a dream as my wife is on her knees eating Molly?s pussy. Molly has her eyes closed , one leg up on the seat in the shower to offer her pussy up to my wife, softly moaning , as I step into the shower and close the door. I instantly got hard. My wife was feasting on Molly?s pussy and didn?t even notice me coming into the shower until I kneeled down behind her and she felt my cock pressing against her wet pussy.

With one push I entered my wife and my wife moaned into Molly?s pussy. Molly opened her eyes and saw me , and softly said good morning as I started my work of thrusting in and out of my wife?s wet pussy. I kept /wife/wife-fucking/fucking-my-wife/">fucking my wife through her making Molly cum twice before I unloaded into her pussy. I stood up , moved over close to my wife?s face , lightly grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth from Molly?s pussy and pushed her head towards my cock , she happily opened her mouth and cleaned my cock. I let go of her hair and reached over and smacked my wife?s ass and then reached over and pinched one of Molly?s nipples as I gave her a soft kiss on the cheek and stepped out of the shower.

I dried off and sat down by the window as the ladies continued to shower. After another twenty minutes they finally came out of the shower and walked over towards me still naked. They seemed so happy and smiling. They sat down together and wanted to talk. My wife said ?Honey last night was amazing and I am excited that you threw out the idea in the casino about me and Molly getting in the hot tub together even though at the time I thought it was just a /fantasy/">fantasy we talk about that never would happen. But it happened and it was so much more than I thought it would be with you and Molly. ? I told her I was very pleased with how the night went. Molly said ? I have been divorced for two years and really don?t want to get married again and your wife and I were talking this morning about you and her being exclusive with me. We could go on dates together the 3 of us and travel together . I live just a few blocks down the street from you all and last night we all just clicked. I would love it for us to explore some more together. ? My wife quickly said ? Of course you and I will still have our alone dates and I thought once in a while you would let Molly and I have the bedroom alone some nights. Molly piped in ? I would love for you to share that cock with me sometime with your wife?s permission?

They sat there quickly waiting for my response. I asked them both ? Do you both understand that I set the rules and I have control of this situation if you want this to happen? They both quickly answered ?Yes ? at the same time. I told my wife ? Have you thought this through that you want us to have Molly a part of our relationship and understand that your my wife first and my needs come first?? She answered ? Absolutely honey? I sat for a few more minutes letting them wait for my decision. I told Molly ? If I agree to this then you have to be exclusive to my wife and I and help with the house AND after three months move into our house? Molly answered ? I would love that? My wife looked surprised when I said that Molly would have to move into the house. I said ?Ladies if this is what you want , you will be my little sluts to use your bodies as I wish, I will agree to let you all have time in the bedroom together but after you must both come crawl in bed with me. You two will not wear clothes in the house. Is this really what you want? They both looked at each other and answer ?YES? , I said ok we can do this but it is my way, if I catch you all not following the rules there will be consequences? they giggled and said ok. I said ? Well if this is what you want then let?s do it?

I told them ?I am going to test it and see if you all are still good with it? They had a confused look on their face and said what do you mean. I said Molly come over here on your knees and take my pants off and suck my cock. ? They both giggled and Molly said ?OK? My wife helped Molly get me undressed and as I sat back into my chair Molly kneeled in front of me and grab my cock and licked my cock from the base slowly to the tip, ? She said To my wife His cock is so heavy and thick? My wife smiled and said enjoy as she rubbed Molly?s back. Molly slowly worked on my cock taking my balls into her mouth before sliding my cock back into her mouth. My wife was getting excited watching. I said ? Honey , get behind Molly and lick her pussy . My wife jumped at the chance and got behind her and started working on Molly?s pussy for the second time this morning. Molly was amazing at giving head. It wasn?t long before she had my cock standing tall and thick.

Every once in a while she would take it all into her throat and choke a little on it. She was starting to moan from my wife working on her pussy. I told Molly to Slow down a little we were going to take our time.? Then I told my wife, honey get Molly?s ass wet, I?m going to fuck her. My wife gave me a look and said ? I have never done that. Molly Stopped sucking my cock and took it from her mouth and said ? no one has ever fucked my ass? I replied to both of them ?You going to learn this morning now get busy? Molly had a worried look but went back to work on my cock while my wife started working on Molly?s pussy and ass, she started fingering Molly?s pussy while she licked her ass , Molly was getting more excited taking a break from my cock. As she held it in her hand stroking slowly saying OMG that is amazing ,I?m going to cum don?t stop then she would go back to burying my cock inside her throat. My wife then started to finger her /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass at the same time , this drove Molly nuts and she came right then shoving my cock deep in her throat moaning and jerking her body.

I told my wife , ?Good job honey, it?s time for Molly to be broke in. ? I told Molly ? ok Molly get up and straddled my cock, your going to shove my cock in your pussy first. Honey get over here and guide my cock into her pussy? Molly got up and straddled my lap as my wife took my cock into her hand and held it pointing up towards Molly sweet pussy. Molly slowly lowered herself down towards my cock until the tip was starting to part her wet lips. My wife leaned in and licked Molly?s clit . I told my wife ? not yet baby? she stopped and Molly started lowering down onto my cock a little more , and a little more, she now has half my xxx cock inside her tight pussy and said Your cock is so thick I feel so full already. ? I told her stop waiting and start riding this cock? She dropped herself all the way down my shaft til I was filling her completely . She yelled out ? Oh Fuck? She waited for a second and then started to slowly ride my cock until she was now riding me with a good rhythm .

I grabbed onto her full round breasts as she bounced up and down on my cock, I was enjoying her tight pussy sliding on my cock. I finally decided it was tight to pop her cherry. I stopped her from bouncing on my cock and told her , ?it?s time? she raised herself up off my cock and my wife guided my cock to her ass. I told her ? Go very slow? She started to push her ass down onto my cock. It took some work before the /fat/">fat head of my cock popped into her ass. She screamed out when this happened. I held her still letting her get accustomed to the feeling . I pushed her down onto my cock inch by inch very slowly before she had my full 7 thick inches in her ass balls deep. She said ?Oh my god I am going to split open? I continued to hold her there , her ass was so tight around my cock it was amazing. I told my wife ? Lick her pussy and make her cum while she rides my cock.? My wife was eager to jump back at licking Molly?s wet pussy , my wife?s tongue on her pussy relaxed her a little and Molly started to slowly move her ass up and down on my cock. After about five minutes Molly started bouncing her ass on my cock moaning and yelling obscenities while my wife tortured her clit with her tongue.

A few minutes more and Molly slammed her ass down onto my cock and came into my wife?s mouth so hard. After the waves of cumming passed she immediately started slamming her ass down onto my cock with more force. My wife started to finger her pussy as Molly kept at punishing her ass with my cock. It didn?t take very long at all and she came again and got right back to riding my cock. My wife started really finger fucking her pussy while rubbing her clit and Molly came down hard on my cock one last time and squirted all over cumming in torrents of fluids. As my wife watched she tried to catch it with her mouth and started licking and sucking her pussy while my cock was rammed deep into her ass. Molly fell limp against me and I lifted her up off my cock and layed her body down next to my chair. My wife said ? You have never fuck me in the ass like that? I told her ?Today is the day I break your ass in and I bury my load deep inside you.? She kneeled down in my chair and leaned over the back of the chair . I got behind her and started eating her pussy and ass , she was excited after just watching me pound her girlfriend. Pushing her ass back against my tongue squealing with pleasure. I slide a finger in her ass and slowly started to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-her-ass/">fuck her ass while licking her clit. After about five minutes she said? Shove that cock in my ass?

I stood up pushed my cock against her rosebud , she reached back and pulled her ass cheeks open and I started to push into her. Her ass was so tight I didn?t think I would get it in. Then finally it popped into her , my wife screamed out . I continued to slowly push into her ass , every so often my wife pushed me with her hands to stop. I didn?t and just kept sliding slowly in until my balls rested against her pussy lips. I held myself there deep inside her , then grabbed her by the hair and said. ?Are you ready to get your ass pounded. ? She just nodded and I started off very slowly . I was careful and cautious not to get in a hurry. After a while my wife got used to the feeling of my thick cock sliding into her /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass and she started moving her hips back against me moaning continually. Molly layed on the floor watching us rubbing her pussy while I flicked her new girlfriend in the ass. Finally I could tell my wife was getting excited and I jerked her hair back towards me and started pounding harder into her ass.

This hard ass pounding didn?t take long before she squirted all over the chair , and started yelling ? yes /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass? it?s yours? fuck it baby? take what you want. ? this got me going even more and with my other hand I started to smack her ass cheeks hard and my cock kept up the pace. Molly is fingering her pussy with a purpose now. She has two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass. This sent my wife over the edge once more and she came squirting another shower of juices onto the chair below. Her ass was milking my cock and I was about to lose it. I pounded even harder for a few more minutes I could last and she came once last time and I slammed my cock deep into her ass and unloaded every drop of cum. She was exhausted and slowly pulled her ass from my cock . As it slid out my cum was oozing out of her ass down to her pussy. After I was all the way out she took her hand and rubbed my cum that was coming from her ass into her pussy and across her ass cheeks. I helped her up and laid her in bed and kissed her softly .

I went to Molly who was feverishly trying to cum one more time . I got onto my knees and bent over and shoved my tongue into her pussy as I pushed two fingers into her ass, it didn?t take long before she started screaming and came all over my face with a flood of juices . I moved my body up hers kissing her body the whole way up and as I kissed her nipples her body jerked. I kissed her on the lips and said ?Welcome to our home ? I picked her tired body off the floor and laid her in bed next to my wife and we all passed out.

*** To be continued...