Payback to Sister in Law

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Payback to Sister in Law

Ever since my wife andI got married my /sister/">sister in law has been a point of frustration, either mentally or sexually. It was almost as if her goal in life was to make my life as miserable as possible. If she wasn't feeding unprovoked thoughts to my wife about money, job security, what did she ever see in the man she married, that we never spent enough time with her family anymore, all the thingsIdeemed as her insecurities. She was tantalizing me sexually, either at her home, when we would go to visit or at ours when she'd come to town. By always being dressed in short shorts, half shirts, bikinis, anything to show off her well proportioned body. She'd make it a point when we were alone in a room to tease me verbally, wiggle her ass, show me her nipples or would pass by in a hall to rub up against or go as far to even playfully rub my balls when know one waslooking. But always making a point to say "Don't you wish you could have a shot at this just one time".
By chance a friend of mine mentioned he saw her one day entering a local motel with a fella he said could have been her husband.Ithought this was odd since her husband worked his ass off all the time, just to please her and to keep up with the "Jones" by her admission. Hoping to catch her in a situation,Idecided to do a little investigation on my own.

After weeks of inquiring and a lot of favors called in, the truth started to come out. The /bitch/">bitch was trading sex for drugs andIhad the hard evidence to prove it. Pictures, time frames, even conversations with some of her loversas to how she was performing behind closed doors. One of the fellas was a longtime friend of mine and he let me secretly video tape her in action.Inow had my evidence to get my revenge.

My wife was going out of town soon with her mother for a few days and the bitches husband was going to be gone for a week, the time was ripe.Icalled her on the phone asking her to meet me on the pretense thatI needed her insight on somejewelry thatI was going to purchase. She readily agreed thinking that she was going to be involved in picking out items for my wife, that she could hold over my head as usual. After picking out some hoop and post earrings and leaving the store,Ibroke the news thatI was on to her and had material to prove it without a doubt.Ishowed her a few snap shots and said if she wanted to keep this between her andIshe'd do whatI said or this was going to become common knowledge to the family.

Knowing full well she didn't have a leg to stand on she agreed to leave with me then and there for my hunting camp. The camp situated miles from the nearest town or neighbor was the perfect place for my plan to become a /reality/">reality. At first she ask what she would need to bring,Itold her nothing, the things we needed were all there. Her next question was what about wwwxxx clothes,Itold her that when we arrived and for the duration we were there she wouldn't be needing any and if she were cold we'd figure out some way to warm her ass up. After theseexplanations she felt comfortable that for a piece of ass or two she was safe. Little did she know what lay in stone for the bitch that had made my life miserable for years.

We arived at the camp and got out of the truck, when her /feet/">feet hit the groundItold her walk to the middle of the yard and strip. And of this moment she was to do and accept anythingIpleased or the cat would be out of the bag. No talking or pleading or begging would do. Did she understand whatIwas saying to her and was she going to comply. Her answer was yes, still thinking she had the upper hand.

Well, when she started to peel out of those clothesI knew whyI had waited all those years for this moment. Beautiful 36c tities with nipples to die for, to a perfect set of legs, (feet on one end, pussy on the other). And a bushy pussy and /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass that was mine to have for days on end. Gosh this was giong to be fun.

FirstI needed to get her attention, hoisting her up and tying her spread eagle on the deer hang rack,Iwalked over to a tree and cut a switch about 3 feet long and real supple, and told her she was to count out the strokes as her ass was worked on. The desperation on her face at that moment was more than enough as revenge and we hadn't even started yet.I explained to her that know one could hear her screams, and they only would make my cock bigger, so we would now begin.
With each swoosh thru the air with the switch her lungs would just explode the air, and as she frantically tried to count the strokes amist the tears,Iknew no one had ever had her in a position like this, the tanning of her ass continued. Red welts started to appear butIwas careful not to draw any blood.I then ask at stoke 20, ifI had her attention yet and thru tears she said she thought so. Well, that wasn't the answerIfelt was deserved, "she thought so", well then let's spice this up a bit.
Walking around to the front side, those luscious tities with long protruding nipples were just hanging there for the taking, soIdid. When the switch swooshed thru the air and made contact with her left nipple a whole new intensity occured. Not to let her right nipple be a lone soldier, a swoosh thru the air and wow didIhave her attention now. Asking her again ifI had her attention, her response was a resounding yes. Knowing we had days to proceed with this and havig a stiffer in my pants,Ineeded to see if she was ready to pleasure me the way she had others.

Lowering her and untieing all but her hands, I lead her over to the steps, took off my pants and released my cock and told herI needed some relief and wanted to see her suck cock like in her movies. Well she was slurping and sucking like she hadn't eaten in a week and before too long that feeling was upon me. But where to put the first load, her face or throat, well this wasn't going to be the last blow job so her throat would do. SoI dumped what was the biggest load I ever had and she swallowed like the good little cocksucker she was to become.

After we caught or breath, I figured it was about time to give her the presents she helped me pick out. Sitting on the frontporch, we spun a chair around and had her sit facing so her tities were hanging over the back of the chair.I then took some rope and tied her from the waist up to the back of the chair and her feet to each side to a leg. This was just so she'd stay in place as she watched me assemble the toolsI would need for this project. A bowl full of ice, two hoop earrings, a needle, two alligator clamps and some small weights.I set up a video so as to be able to relive the expressions on her face another the wwwxxx day.

She finally caught on what going to happen and tears again began to stream down her face. Begging and pleading as to whyi was doing this to her, she would gladly give me all the pussy I wanted. I told her that yes she was still going to give me all the pussyI wanted but there was a price for all those years of anguish she had put me thru.

Her beautiful titties were just hanging there with those nipples not protruding yet but that would come in time.I figured i'd better suck on her tits and enjoy them as they were cause they would never be the same again after they were worked on this day. So for a couple of minutesI devoured those monsters for all I was worth and sure enough she was loving it. Her nipples started to swell and change color and then it was time to begin.

Reaching for a piece of ice, I thought that this would be more fun if we did one at a time, soI proceeded to rub it all over her areole and nipple area until the skin was stretched tight from the cold.I the grabbed an alligator clamp, with nice sharp teeth, and snap it was attached.I have never heard such a howl come from such a petite woman, then we moved on to the other, with the same results.I just couldn't resist with those beauties hanging over the back of the chair and her face a contorted asking her if she felt she had been wrong all these years. 

I'll be dammed but she started to /bad/">bad mouth me, so I added a chain and about 6oz of weight hanging from between. Well as the clamps started to dig in and her nipples and tities started to point towards the floor, it got quiet again. After about 5 minutes or soI knew when I took the clamps off the blood rushing back into her nipples would get about the same howl effect,i abruptly unclasped both at the same time. Well I thought the first effect was something but this was almostunbelievable, screams were coming from her that I couldn't believe possible. Then things started to subside andI ask her if she was ready to hang her rings and she passed out cold.

Not one to let that stop me, I took the bowl with the ice in and laid one of her nipples in, and it firmed right up.I took the needle and poked thru and followed with the hoop ring. Then just as quickly the other was addressed. She now was adorned with a nice set of nipple rings to go along with those beautiful tities.
I then took the ice water and brought her back around so she could fully appreciate her new attire. By now my cock was hard again, so she gave me another blow job only this timeI had something to hold on to. Informing her that if she hurt me in any way that there was still the whole week left. For all kinds of fun.