Birthday surprise 22

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Birthday surprise 22

”Aww, come on. It's my birthday and you promised”
”I know I did, sweetie, but this is a bit weird”
”It's not weird, it's just supposed to heighten the /sensual/">sensual experience”
”OK, but no funny business”
”As if I would! And thank you. Love you”

With that she kissed him deeply and pulled his t-shirt off over his head. She had always admired his /athletic/">athletic body, and once again she took the opportunity to run her fingers over his chest and abs. Then with a mischievous smile she reached up and inserted the foam earplugs before moving behind her husband to tie the blindfold.

With two of his senses effectively disabled she took him by the hand and led him through to the living room. He had to admit to himself that the sense of vulnerability was turning him on as he felt her fingers once more roam over his naked torso. The sensation was somehow different when he couldn't see or hear what was happening.

He was really enjoying the feeling of her walking round him caressing his body from all sides. Then she stopped in front of him, teasing her fingers down his abs until she got to his waistband, and he felt her starting to undo his belt. As she undid the button on his waistband and pulled his zip down he felt the back of her fingers rub along his hardening cock through his boxers.

Her fingers ran lightly down the back of his thighs as she lowered his trousers and helped him to step out of them. Then he felt her kissing up the front of his legs while her hands traced their way back up the back of them until she was grabbing his buttocks and pulling his groin into her face, kissing his /erection/">erection through his underwear. By now he was rock hard and threatening to burst out of the white material of his boxers.

The threat didn't last for long as she stroked up his buttocks before taking hold of his waistband and pulling them slowly down. His cock sprang out as she did so and his sharp intake of breath was audible as he felt her gently take the end full hd xvideo download of it in her mouth. He was starting to see what his wife meant about enhanced sensuality as he enjoyed the sensation of her tongue and lips working on the helmet of his cock.

The sucking continued and he felt her fingers trace their way down his shaft to his balls, which she squeezed and caressed gently. With her other hand she teased and stroked between his buttocks, causing him to gasp each time her fingers pressed against his arsehole.
As he started to thrust his hips with the increasing excitement he felt her take him further into her mouth, her tongue pressing on his shaft. The stroking and probing of her fingers and the firm moist pressure of her mouth on his cock, along with the deprivation of the senses of sight and hearing were now having a sensational affect on him, and soon he could feel his orgasm start to build. Finally with a loud groan his whole body tensed as his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum started to shoot into his wife's mouth. After the first spurt he felt her hands wanking him as he kept shooting cum for what felt like ages.

As his /climax/">climax subsided and his breathing steadied he reached up and undid the blindfold. Looking down he was horrified to see a man he had never met before kneeling in front of him with cum all over his face. His indignant outrage was only slightly diminished by the sight of his wife naked on the sofa with another woman.

”That was an awful trick to play” he shouted ”How could you?”
”Well you seemed to enjoy it from what I could see” she smiled seductively at him. The effect was intensified by the sight of the other woman kissing her breasts and fingering her pussy. ”And it really turned me on to watch” she continued. ”And now it's your turn. Sit over there.”

Somewhat taken aback by her assertive, confident tone he did as he was told. He then watched with further amazement as his wife beckoned the stranger over to sit next to her on the sofa. Leaning across she started to lick her husband's cum off the stranger's face, while the woman continued to pleasure her. Once she had licked up every last drop of cum she ordered the man to stand up and strip. Like her husband her compliantly did as she told him. Also like her husband he was fit and toned. Finally he removed his underwear to reveal his long /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock to all three pairs of eyes now watching him.
As he moved towards the sofa the woman shifted her position slightly so he could slide into her from behind without her having to remove her mouth from the wife's tits, or her hand from her pussy. In spite of the fact that he had only just come he was starting to harden again at the sight of this couple fucking while the woman pleasured his wife. As his cock stiffened he started to stroke it, enjoying the physical and the visual sensations that he was now experiencing.

When his wife looked up to see what he was doing, and noticed his cock was already hard again she beckoned him across to join them. He got up and walked across to the sofa and as he got there his wife knelt on the floor in front of him and took his cock into her mouth. The other couple stopped fucking and assumed the same positions next to them. This was turning out to be a day of new experiences, as he stood side by side with another man, both of them getting blow jobs.

Just as he free porn movies download was getting used to this sensation his wife grabbed his hand and pulled him down to his knees, manoeuvring him so that he was kneeling between her and the other woman. With a start he realised what she had in mind for him next. He had always thought of himself as straighter than straight, and already he”d received a blow job from another man and now his wife wanted him to return the favour.

By way of encouragement she took the man's hard shaft in her hand and slowly rubbed up and down the length, taking the head into her mouth, sucking firmly as she did so. It wasn't long before she took the cock out of her mouth and offered it up to her husband's. At first he resisted but eventually he tentatively opened up and allowed her to feed it in. Instinctively he closed his lips tight around the shaft and started to let his tongue wander over the head of the man's cock. He was almost disappointed when his wife pulled it out of his mouth and guided it to the other woman for her to take a turn at sucking the man.
All this time his wife kept on wanking the guy. Once she decided the woman had had long enough she moved the tip of his cock back to her husband's lips. Before he had chance to take it in his mouth she leaned across and started to kiss him across the helmet, which was now glistening with pre-cum. He returned the kiss, and soon they were French kissing each other and kissing and licking the end of the man's cock all at the same time.

While this was happening the other woman had reached down and was now wanking him slowly but firmly with one hand while she played with the man's balls with her other. With almost no warning the man's body tensed and his first shot of cum splashed all over the husband's lips and down his chin. His wife kept wanking the man vigorously until he had emptied his load all over her husband's face and body.

Both /women/">women then joined together to lick him clean Once every last drop of cum had been cleaned up they turned their attention to each other, as the woman's mouth once more found its way to his wife's breasts and both of them started to finger each other's pussy. His wife came first but it was a close thing and before her orgasm had shuddered to a halt the other woman had started her climax. The sight of them licking their fingers clean afterwards was too much and he felt his cock harden more as his balls tightened and he came for the second time in half an hour.

It was only as they lay snuggled up in bed together that night that his wife explained how she had found the other couple on a swingers” website, and invited them to join her birthday celebrations. He had to admit that he was glad she hadn't told him in advance what she had planned because he would never have gone through with it. But he certainly would again!