My Pleasure Box

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My Pleasure Box
My Pleasure Box
by Riss Kay
19 September 2004

This is my life. I am the happy /slave/sex-slave/">sex slave of one man named Lionel; most people call him Lie. He dresses me, feeds me and nonstop pleasures me. I wear always head-to-toe black leather, usually with a gagball in my mouth, unless he wants me to suck his dick, which is uncommon. The leather covers my fingers, /feet/">feet and penis. There are only a few holes in the entire suit -- two for my eyes, two smaller ones for my nostrils, one for my mouth that is usually useless because of the gagball and one bigger one right at my /asshole/">asshole. My penis is wrapped tightly in leather and usually wrapped again with cockrings, chains or other restraining equipment; Lie is innovative. There is a very tiny hole at the very tip of the leather on my penis so when I cum (which I do frequently) he doesn't have to undress me to clean me up. This is also how I piss.

I live with Lionel in his mansion home although I rarely see the outside of my own personal space in his basement. I live in a two-foot-tall, two-foot-wide, three-foot-long black box. I spend almost all my time in the box except for when he takes me out to play. The box has two doors -- the top comes off and the back short side comes off. I usually crawl into the box on my hands and knees so my ass is sticking towards the outside before I'm sealed up. Rarely the top is unscrewed to let me out that way. I think it's happened once.

Usually I crawl in and perch with my ass in the air, my knees on the floor and my forearms crossed in front of me; I have to bow my head. Always, before closing the door, Lie will /asshole/fingering-asshole/finger-my-asshole/">finger my asshole as it is all he can see of me bokep sma pecah perawan from outside of the box. There is an adjustable hole on the door and it is perfectly aligned with my asshole. He had it custom made for me so I could have maximun pleasure at all times, even when he cannot attend to me. Through this hole he can shove various dildos and /toys/">toys. My personal favourite is a sixteen inch penis that has a five inch circumfrence. He usually has to close the door and then force the dildo into my ass so I can use the rest of the box for stability. The door won't shut completely unless all sixteen inches are buried into me but he always takes his time to make sure it fits in tightly.

Once in I moan and want to buck against it but he won't let me yet. He must latch the door shut. Then, using a drill that he had custom made and that only he knows the whereabouts of, he bolts the solid metal door shut. I am trapped now in my pleasure box. Every dildo and toy has the ability to hook up to any number of the pleasure devices Lie has made for me. Some of them vibrate. Some of them thrust in and out. Some of them spin around. My favorite is the one that does all three in random succession. All of them have various settings: low, medium, hard and turbo. He likes to leave it on turbo for me assuming I desire the hardest most constant fuck ever. In truth, my favourite is the setting random, which alternates between all four settings. When I have been lucky enough for him to old waman xxxgx set both the pleasuring action and the speeds to random I have come harder and longer than I ever have, even when he's servicing me. I suppose that's why he doesn't use them in conjunction much; he can be very jealous.

Usually after he hooks up the pleasuring device and sets the speed he will leave me alone. Sometimes, if he is particularly needy of me, it's only for a few minutes. Usually it is for the day and he takes me out to play again at night. Once he put a feeding tube in through one of my airholes and went away on business for fourteen days. I asked him to leave me with both settings on random, using my favourite sixteen inch long, five inch circumfrence dildo. He was particularly kind to me that day because he oblidged me; I suppose he felt guilty that he would be receiving sex from someone else during the fourteen days and he wanted me to be happy while he was gone. I was.

I ate very little but drank when I needed to replentish my fluid. When he remembered to check on me after he came home he found two inches of my thick creamy cum mixed with a little urine in the bottom of my pleasure box. I didn't shit for fourteen days. I was delirious with happiness and pleasure.

Usually he pleasures me himself nightly. It's hard to believe him being so kind as to look in on my needs so often as that. Sometimes he invites friends over to help him. Usually it is one or two friends and they take turns fucking my asshole with their hard long dicks (all the friends he invites over are enourmous -- he is so good to me). They work me over for hours, using all the various toys in the basement to keep me occupied while they recover their strength. Sometimes Lie loosens my suit so they can use multiple toys in me at once. I love when they shove four or five dildos into my ass and set them all to go at various depths, speeds and actions. They usually all come watching me take them all, so I guess they like it too.

Several times a year Lie has parties. He invites ten to thirty of his male friends (with the biggest cocks you've ever seen) over to use me. They tie me up somewhere (as if I'd actually leave). Sometimes it's on my back with my legs chained around my neck. Sometimes it's on my hands and knees with my legs chained open wide. No matter what creative new way they position me the men then take their turns fucking my asshole /raw/">raw. For some reason it is even better than the toys he gives me that he leaves on for days on end. My toys never stop. Even when they are set to slow, /hard/hard-fuck/">hard fuck they never stop. They are on a private generator; even if the power went out I would still be reciving pleasure. I like them because sometimes they stop when switching or shifting. The thrill of the cease motion before it begins again is usually enough to make me orgasm ever time.

His ten to thirty friends never see my face -- they are lucky if they see my eyes through my eyeholes but they love to /asshole/asshole-fuck/fuck-my-asshole/">fuck my asshole anyway. Many of them fuck me while they use a toy in me too; I like them a lot. None of them wear condoms because I am clean and so are they. They all come in me because Lie doesn't want to clean up my suit if they should come on my back or elsewhere in the basement.

Because there are so many of them they can each take a turn, fucking me for as long and hard as they want or need. After they come in me I squeeze my ass cheeks together as tight as I can (which is very tight) and suck the very last drop of come out of them. Even so, come eventually starts dripping out of my ass. The other men like to rub it on their cocks to get them lubricated; it's a pleasant change. The man who has just come in me will go sit down somewhere, talking to the other men, drinking, eating, listening to music while the next man fucks me raw. By the time the last man is done, the first man is ready to go again. This is my life. Lie's parties last for days and there is never a minute when I don't have some stranger's giant cock in my ass, usually coupled with a vibrating toy or two. Sometimes they double team me or even triple team me if they can work their bodies around their cocks. I'd love to take five of them because I know I could if they stretch me only it's so hard to get five bodies around my tiny asshole.

Lie forbids them from coming anywhere other than in my ass so if one man's needs suddenly flare up he is allowed to pull off whoever is working on me so he can bury himself deep into my asshole and shoot his load into me. I love when that happens because usually they are at their most needy and desperate then.

Some of the men feel sorry for me, I think. I don't know why. They sit by my head while someone else is pounding me and they pat where my hair would be if I didn't have the mask on. They talk to me too but I can never speak because Lie always keeps me ballgagged at his parties. I sometimes nod my head to their questions. They usually as if I am happy and it is always an enthusiastic nodding yes. The first man could ask me and ten days later the last man, as he comes in my ass for the ten thousandth time could ask me and I would still nod yes. Sometimes I cry I am so happy.

Lie is always the first to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass during these parties but usually he doesn't fuck me again; he doesn't like fucking in other men's come, especially because after several hundred loads it dries and crumbles and sticks and he doesn't like that; the other men never seem to care. Sometimes I see him fucking the other men who have come to the /party/">party. They all wear cockrings so they can't come until Lie is finished. Then he lets them come to me and shoot their load inside my ass. He is the only one allowed to come anywhere but inside me during the parties.

I am usually fed with a tube around my ballgag during the parties. When he doesn't have the parties sometimes he kisses me with his mouth and we tongue each other and he feeds me real food. I like the taste but neither he nor I like when I shit even though he always cleans me with the most powerful enemas you've ever seen. He loves to pump my ass full of water, effectively fucking me hard with the shower head or hose. I love when he does although I miss my come as it usually washes down the drain before he can see it. I only wish he would fuck me with the shower head and hard jets of water when I haven't shit, too.

I wasn't always like this. We used to live together in a bedroom and he would fuck me two or three times a day and the rest of the time I would go to my job and he would go to his. But as we grew fonder of each other I became more and more dependent. Soon I needed him to fuck me longer and harder than even he could keep up with. We invested in numerous toys and contraptions to stimulate me but it soon became clear, due to my incessant begging to make it so, that this was the only option for me. Now I am happy beyond my wildest dreams. I have someone who loves me so much that he has managed to give me every dream and pleasure I have ever wanted, non-stop for several years now. The sex never grows old or boring and I know he loves what he does and can do for me. We are probably the happiest couple in the world.